Looks like nice clear weather this weekend, followed by some decent falls next week. There are several LPLs heading up, many of which will also catch the HUGE falls predicted for next week – go track it up you lucky buggers!

Next weeks forecast from The Frog – you know the URL!

Saturday 31: light to moderate N winds, fine and sunny cool day
Sunday 1: moderate N-NW winds increasing during the day, cold partly cloudy day with cloud increasing with light snowshowers developing overnight
Monday 2: strong NW winds, cool day with light snowshowers developing above 1500m and increasing overnight to possible blizzard conditions (5-12cm)
Tuesday 3: strong W-SW winds, snowfalls becoming widespread to around 1300m-1400m – blizzard conditions likely (15-25cm)
Wednesday 4: strong W-SW winds, snowfalls to around 1300m (7-15cm)
Thursday 5: strong WSW-SW winds, light scattered snowshowers to around 1400m easing (1-5cm)
Friday 6: moderate SW winds easing, mainly fine with some cloudy periods