Amy Ryan reporting for the weekend 24-25 July

Saturday’s snow left a lot to be desired.. with near zero visibility and intense winds, there wasn’t much to do at Perisher. All of that badness was easily forgotten at the bar though with the help of some Jager and Red Bulls. If you’re looking for fun on Saturday night near Jindabyne, the bar at Snowy Valley can rarely steer you wrong. This week featured a live funk band.

Sunday was quite a bit better, you could see the runs and there were actually chairs running. Unfortunately, the Jager and Red Bulls weren’t helping at this stage. Tip of the week: The roast turkey sandwich from the carvery at the Blue Cow dining area is a fantastic bargain for $5.80. It looks like I’m headed back up this weekend and then again on August 6&7th, if any of you animals are planning to be up there riding.

Amy, who has no idea what naked pictures Ian is referring to…