Some nice overnight falls to low levels, & expected to continue for a few days – not bad!

Mt Baw Baw – 10cm overnight

Thredbo – 5cm overnight


From Snowatch

Thursday 27: moderate to strong SW-W winds, light showers – falling as snow above 1500-1600m, becomier a little heavier later in the day and overnight
Friday 28: moderate to strong W winds, cool day with light scattered snowshowers at times above 1400m easing later in the day
Saturday 29: moderate to strong W winds turning NW later, light scattered showers at times – falling as snow above 1650m
Sunday 30: strong WNW-W winds, overcast day with some light scattered showers at times
Monday 31: strong WNW-NW winds increasing later, overcast (mainly in the south) with the chance of a light shower, sunny periods in the NSW resorts
Tuesday 1: strong to very strong NW-NNW winds (gale force likely), mainly fine and overcast day early with cloud increasing later and showers developing overnight
Wednesday 2: strong WNW winds, showers developing with rain periods likely – falling as snow later in the day above 1700m
Thursday 3: moderate to strong WNW winds, light scattered showers – falling as snow above 1750m
Friday 4: moderate to strong W-WSW winds, showers continuing – falling as snow above 1650m
Saturday 5: moderate S winds early easing from the ENE during the day, light showers continuing early and clearing during the day
Sunday 6: strong NNE winds, scattered shower at times later in the day
Monday 7: moderate to strong N winds, showers (heavy at times) – fallling as snow above 1850m
Tuesday 8: very strong NNW-NW winds, mainly fine but overcast day with the chance of a light shower or two
Wednesday 9: strong N winds, mainly fine day with cloudy periods, cloud increasing overnight with possible light snowshowers on the peaks

(updated @ 12:30pm Thursday 27th May)

Light snowfalls should continue up high over the next few days.

Winds are likely to be strong for around the next 12 days so be careful if travelling backcountry.

Long Range Outlook:

The 1st-4th of June should see alot of moisture coming over the mountains and at this stage it looks as though snow will fall above 1700m from the 2nd to the 4th. Could be possible to get some significant snowfalls from this if the temps drop a degree or two lower that the charts are currently showing – should know more in a day or so.

We could see more light snowfalls up high mixed in with some showers from the 5th-7th.

Looking further ahead I really like the look of the 19th-22nd for possibly the first real dump of the season. After that keep an eye out for the 28th-1st July for possibly more snowfalls.

…..stay tuned to Snowatch for developments.

- The Frog