From Snowatch

Thursday 13: moderate SW winds in the NSW resorts with only light winds in VIC, mainly fine and sunny day
Friday 14: moderate SW-WSW winds on the peaks, fine and sunny day
Saturday 15: moderate to strong WNW-NW winds, becoming cloudy in the south with the chance of some light snow falling in the Victorian resorts above 1700m later in the day, fine early with cloud increasing in the NSW resorts during the day
Sunday 16: strong WNW winds, overcast with some light showers – falling as snow above 1700-1800m (2-7cm)
Monday 17: moderate -strong WNW winds turning NW later as a cooler change arrives overnight, cloud increasing with possible light showers overnight with snow on the peaks
Tuesday 18: strong WSW-WNW winds, cooler day with showers falling as snow above 1600m at times (4-10cm)
Wednesday 19: strong W winds, light scattered showers falling as snow above 1800m
Thursday 20: strong W-NW winds, light scattered showers at times
Friday 21: strong N-NNW winds (gale force at times about the peaks), overcast but mainly fine day
Saturday 22: gale force N-NNW winds, mainly fine but cloudy day with cloud increasing from the south later in the day/night
Sunday 23: strong W-NW winds, cooler change arriving with some initial rain at first turning to snow later as the temp drops (possibly 10-15cm late in the day to overnight)
Monday 24: moderate W-SW winds, cool day with some light snowshowers at times
Tuesday 25: moderate SE-ESE winds, cold day with the chance of scattered snowshowers
Wednesday 26: moderate ESE winds, possible showers with some rain periods – but should fall as snow above 1700m

(updated @ 12:20pm Thursday 13th May)

We should see some relatively calm weather over the next couple of days followed by some light snow up high on the 15/16th and then some follow up likely down a bit lower on the 18th.

There looks to be a cold outbreak between the 23rd-26th with some good snowfalls very likely. It’s possible this could give us a light base that may last til season opening.

Long Range Outlook:
Further ahead I like the look of the first week of June which should see snow fall between the 1st/2nd-4th. After that a bit of a dry spell til some more snowfalls are likely on the 12-14th of June.

All in all it points to a good start to season 2004.

…..stay tuned to Snowatch for developments.

- The Frog