Hard-Yakka Yuki

We had a bit of a big night on the sake on sat night and came home to huge flakes falling. Woke up the next afternoon and checked the reports and didn’t really believe what it was saying…so gave Mizuho a call and they said they had got a metre and to pack the chains. The guys in Kochi had called as well so we got the posse ready.

We drove up to Kochi…had about 2 hours sleep and left for Mizuho about 2am. It’s supposed to be a 4 1/2 hr drive..but at 140km/h at 3 in the morning..we got there pretty quick. We saw the first snow about 30k’s from the resort and by 20k’s they were telling people to put on chains…we didn’t of course and ploughed on. We arrived at a very different Mizuho to the last time…the carpark was nearly empty and covered in yuki. Lifts weren’t opening till 8am on a school day…so we had a beer and danced around looking at the arriving bunnies.

As usual tho..we got off the gondola to a nicely groomed run…but with not a soul in sight. The trees are a bit hard to get into…but it was freshies all round. We bombed the groomed runs all morning hooting and hollering. We could see one untouched run under one of the lifts which wasn’t opened..so went and hit the boarder cross park for a while…When we got back..that run was open…ungroomed and thick with pow, getting a bit lumpy and tracked up but still enticing. So we went straight for it…it was hard yakka..stuck in the pow a few times but got some nice face hits..some of which were while i was on my feet!! 3 runs of this and the fatigue really started to kick in. The rest of the afternoon was an exercise in endurance really…but if it could be hit or jumped off..we attacked it.

Finished up about 4.30…dosed up on coffees and genki drinks…got back to Kochi about 8.30 and back to Nakamura around 11pm…absolutely wasted.

That’s my last day of the season..2 weeks time i’ll be on a tropical Thai beach…life sux!!

The Shikoku Massive like to do a bit of vogueing before they hit the pow

Povs biggest air

A metre of fluffi yuki under the chair

Apparently the locals like to stay home on a powder day

A bank that needs tracking badly

Frosty winter scene

I expect ski-patrol would demand you commit seppuku if you tracked this nice pow under the low-flying lifts