Giggles and Tickles

Went back up the the secret play ground and tried to take some AVI’s with little success – the technology was out to get me. I also had a bit of tea to finish up that day and so wanted to just take in what would be my last day of boarding here. The ice got all suction-y around 3pm and my new trusty portable wax came in very handy. I also learned to work myself differently in these very strange conditions.

I rode the same path home as I did with Leo and took some AVI’s and stills. It wasn’t all that clear down in the valley and so the piccies look a bit foggy. If you look carefully you can see a mountain top way up high in the picture of the bowl.

I found another, softer way down past the left of the moguls and had fun on the powdery edges of the piste again. Stopped for a day dream at the Mos Burger and then headed home for some giggles and tickles with Oscar. It was sunny today (Thursday) and I spent until 1pm packing up my board bag (sniffle). Now it’s 1am and of course its been dumping since 3pm today!!!! AAAAAAGH!!! The addiction!!!!!

The secret chairlift…
Streaming movie

Bowl of Ice-cream

Departure dumpage