Back-Country Banzai

As it was sunny and I had had the best day ever, I assumed I would be baby sitting again the next day. But no! Mina had booked me on a free “Snow Shoe” hike through the back country, AWESOME!! – I now know whats behind the top of the main mountain area! We stopped for lunch and I asked a guy with a digital camera to please take a photo of me against an amazing mountain range. Well, as you can see the range can’t be seen and the green tea from the day before had a profound affect on my eyelids when I braved taking them off for the piccy… The snow shoes were cool and dont really work the way you expect them too. They do help though, one of mine came off as we were heading down a deep gorge and my un-shod foot went straight down to my hip in snow.

If I ever live here I will work hard on creating a back country boarding hike FOR SURE! I saw some great pine tree spots and one amazing naked area far, far away that must have something wrong with it because there were no trees, powder all over it and no chair lifts!!! Maybe it’s avalache prone or something, I must know why…. Wish to god I had taken a camera that day – doh! I spotted some local wild life – 2 creatures straight outta “Princess Mononoke” – a large goaty thang and a big brown and white hawk. Cool!

Dean was spewing that he’d fogotten his board…

“This is a f**kin daft place for a yoga class”, thinks Dean.