Trippy Sticky Nighta

Last sat night I managed about 3 hours night boarding, as Oscar still needed his nap even though it was his 3rd Bday. Only 12 people were night boarding apart from me (I counted from up in the chair). Mostly girls actually – seems that most of them had worked out their turns that arvo and just had to keep going. They travelled in triplets, & a crazy one of them always seemed to want to smash into me or wasnt looking where the hell she or I was going… No actual collisions though, which was good! The snow was kinda sticky and had been cooked that day by the sun but still a hoot and the chair was fast.

I thought I’d try a jump that someone must’ve made that day, I approached it too slow and ended up on my arse with no air to my credit…just keep at it I spose. The lights were all gelled with different colours so the shadows were trippy to say the least, quite beautiful. The night skiing is always in the field in front of the main gondola station and seems to only be on sat nights.

Where’s that Yakitori stick going?!?