Huey just cant get it right this year… bugger-all snow falling in the alps, & now an early hail storm for Sydney…

From this Sydney Morning Herald story.

Some city streets were covered in ankle-deep hail and callers to talkback shows were reporting the Anzac Bridge covered in “snow”.
“There’s hail stones all through the street and the cars are finding it hard to drive because it’s incredibly slippery. It’s about four inches deep – it’s close to ankle deep,” said Forest Lodge resident Elissa Blake.

First tracks in surry Hills

“Fancy a game of marbles?”

Slippery Street

Pyrmont ski report 15/8
Wet and heavy going in patches with a fair cover across all runs. Best picks are Harris st for beginners and the approaches to the Harbour bridge for the more advanced. Although this run will get heavy traffic later in the afternoon.
Cover: 1cm