The lodge now has broadband & a wireless router, so i can do on-site snow reports – sweet! We have also had the place to ourselves all week, which has been luxurious – like staying at a rich uncles huge house :)

This weeks LPL crew consists of me – al ferg – & my 3 brothers, andrew, douglas, & graeme, plus andrew’s mates alex & mick. Rob, Pat & Clare also joined us for a couple of nights at the start. I’m pretty excited to be snowboarding with all my brothers for the first time, as we all love our boarding, so it’s a great excuse to have a holiday together.

It’s been a suprisingly impressive week on the mountain, considering how little snow has fallen this season. On Sunday night it snowed 10-15cm, & Monday was blizzards/windy, so Thredbo was fairly quiet, allowing us to bag all the best fresh tracks all day long. Once the in-bounds powder was mostly tracked out, we braved the blizzard & headed high to the Golf Course Bowl (GCB), & were amazed to only find a couple of tracks & all the upper glades full of powder! The snow depth started to run out 1/2 way down, with heaps of bushes still poking through, so there was a 10 minute walk through the bush to the Funnelweb run, but that was a small price to pay for being amongst the first people to ride the GCB this season!

Tuesday the sun was out & suddenly the place was packed! It seemed like all the locals & 1/2 of Canberra had the day off, & were making the most of the best conditions yet this season. We still managed to find plenty of untracked snow, & checked out the terrain parks.

All week the temps have stayed very low, so the snow has remained cold, dry & soft, which is pretty unusual for Oz. This afternoon, it snowed huge fat flakes for about 2 hrs, falling straight down in zero wind, producing around 3-5cm of fluff on top – nice! A couple of laps of on the GCB produced more lovely freshies, & even the cornice of far skiers right of the upper GCB is nicely formed now.

Hopefully there will be more snow tonight – friday freshies would be a superb way to end an awesome week :)

Al Ferg.

Monday – fresh tracks at 9am on the Supertrail

Monday – Graeme bashing the Bluff

Monday – Graeme in the lower GCB

Monday – Douglas contemplating the bushy hike-out in the lower GCB, while Graeme digs himself out of a hole

Tuesday – the lads at the top of GCB

Tuesday – back-lit vapour trails in the tracked out glades of the lower CGB

Wednesday – Douglas flicking a 180 off the funbox at High Noon

Thursday – snow depth indicator at the exit from GCB

Thursday – dumping on the Funnelweb

Thursday night – Michaels crevasse… (sorry ladies, this was just too funny, I had to put it in!)