I’ve been stock-piling a bunch of interesting links for snow fanatics – check ‘em out!

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For all the reasons we want to ride a particular line, we also have to look at all the ways in which that same line could pull our pants down and spank us.
Sounds kinky, but its actually some avalanche wisdom from Big Lines.

These hot chillies are cool! Below is an interesting story from Mainichi Daily News (the link to the story is dead – this is just the newspaper’s home page).

Sweet ‘n sour

A woman sprinkles salted peppers over a snow-covered field in Arai, Niigata Prefecture, as part of the manufacturing process for the Kanzuri spice.

The peppers will be left on the field for four to five days to refine and sweeten. After adding rice malt and mulberries, they will be aged three years before they are ready to be sold as Kanzuri, which literally means “produced locally in the chill.”

“I want people around the country to enjoy the traditional, authentic taste,” said Kanzuri producer Kuniaki Tojo.

snow peppers