Dean Ervik has spend several winters in Nozawa Onsen (Nagano prefecture, Japan) & this season he has stuck an Aussie flag in the ground, claiming his patch in the village – “The Outpost”.

The Outpost is an internet cafe specialising in Western-Aussie food, & is also a snowboard school with lessons in English. It has a waxing bench, a drying room and a cosy diner to unwind in. Meet other powder hounds and locals while enjoying some of the only AUTHENTIC western food in town.

Of special interest to most LPLs – flash your Aussie passport for 1 Free Vegemite on Toast and a Cuppa Tea! (not transferrable to non-Aussies… they won’t like it anyway!)

More information on the Outdoor Japan site, & The Outpost site.

The Outpost is at the base of the lovely Asahiya Ryokan Hotel, which boasts lovely western & Japanese style rooms plus a lush roof-top onsen.

Banner for The Outpost

The Asahiya Onsen

Asahiya Ryokan Japanese-style room
Asahika room