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Ferguson quits boarding – Says “X-Country is the way forward!”

High profile snowboarder and frequent updater of the LPL list Al Ferguson has stashed his snowboard in the shed – permanently.
Sick of ever-increasing queues, lift prices and the slushy sugary snow of the Thredbo lower slopes, Ferguson has turned to the back country to satisfy his cravings for the white stuff.

“Once I strapped on the X-country skis, I felt lighter, freer more spiritual even. I’m skiing with the mountain now, not against it. It’s a revelation!” Ferguson gushes.

His old snowboarding crew were cagey about Al’s new obsession -

“I dunno man. If its what he wants, go for it.” One boarder said. “Whatever makes him happy”.
Others were less forgvining. “As far as I’m concerned, Al’s gone off the rails”.

Al Ferguson can now be found lurking around the bargain section of Paddy Palin, perusing out of date camping food and sporting last years thermal underwear – worn on the outside…

Dylan Yeo