Dylan’s Perisher Blue Report : Monday 29th of August – Friday 2nd of September

Just got back from 5 days – it was a smorgasbord of snow goodness.

We had it all…

- groomed up cordoroy
- ice
- slush
- sugar
- tracked out moguls
- freshies!
- deep heavy snow in secret out of the way places in guthega!

There was no rain, and a reasonable amount of snow. Only one day of blizzard (wed) – I sat that one out and refreshed for two gruelling days Thursday and Friday. Monday and Tuesday were awesome days too.

I was so excited after the week I bit the bullet and bought a pair of all-mountain K2 Apache Xs. Mmmmmm – high speed carving goodness!

Dylan Yeo

Dylan fuels his skiing by eating bananas, & has devised this special beanie to carry them around the slopes…