Saturday – a lovely sunny day, fairly stiff wind up high. 8.30am, Ripped into 3 high-speed laps on perfect corduroy down the supertrail before the crowds arrived – awesome. Lovely freshies at the top of “Black Forest” in the morning, but missed the exit (again!) & took a while to get out at the bottom. The mountain in general was in very good nick. Tried a hike into Stanleys in the avo, but the sun had turned the snow to crust & crud. Was still very exiting dropping down the seriously steep chutes between the rocks – must try that again on a powder day!

Some quick baby-airs in the mini-terrain park nearly resulted in blown knees from clearing the wee bumps masquerading as tabletops, so we snuck off down the back of Merrits to the groomers access trail. No sooner had we dropped in, when along comes a patroller on a skidoo! we hit the deck, lying amongst the trees like we were 8 year-olds playing hide & seek… Luckily the patroller didnt hear us over his buzzing motor, so as soon as he finished fixing the “NO ENTRY” sign, we proceeded to totally ignore it (we are such anarchists) & enjoyed the ice-cream freshies between the trees, all the way down to Fridays Fat.

Wee Zilzie enjoyed her first ever day care experience at Thredbo Leisure Centre, with frequent visits from mum & dad.

Sunday – the wind had a bit more attitide today, but the payoff was lovely wind-blown powder on the Bluff & various bits of the upper supertrail. Did several laps of the supertrail including the racecourse – lots of fun prentending we were in the olympics :) By about 3pm, they close most of the lifts due to wind. Other crew members ripped up plenty of windblown stashes on the t-bars – even the 2 Christophs (from Austria) thought the snow was good.

Monday – fully sick, but in the worst possible way… Zilzie spewed all night, having caught gastro at daycare, so we packed up & hit the road. There was a howling wind at the lodge, with trees losing limbs in the ferocious gusts. I later heard that the lifts were all closed until midday, then it started snowing & they opened the place up… would’ve been nice, but sick babies are the one & only thing that takes priority over powder days!

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