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We meet at our secret meeting place to give our boards a good waxing and the attention they deserve. Coupled with beer and a scotch chaser, we make our offerings to the Snow Gods.

We set off at around 8:45 PM after a long days work.

It was a mad rush to get the Subaru packed (otherwise known as the “Board Caddy” mobile) we hit the M5 and I do my usual dodging of the trafic islands because I always forget the right exits. I finally make it to the long road to Canberra, then Cooma then Jindy. We arrive 2:30 PM at TFSL and hit the hay as soon as possible. I get the fart, I mean, bunk room but I couldn’t care less at that time in the morning.

The Teenage Mutant Powder Ranger awakens us at the brisk time of 6:55 AM. This is late actually, in “Snowboard-Boot Camp” hours. We make it up to the slopes by about 0930 and we instantly hit the Gunbarrel Quad. It doesn’t take long before we are separated and I find myself just taking Antons and Sponars for a early morning spin on my own. To my surprise I was getting some beautiful, dry, cold, board spanking freshies and lots of drift in the pockets. Yum! These two T-Bars are the picks for the weekend for me. If you have access to a T-Bar like this in the morning, I highly recommend it! :) Except, if only the wind wasn’t blowing 100kph and picking chunks of ice up and whipping me in the face! How I cannot stress more the imperitiveness of all-body protection in these conditions.

I then made my way to the Kosi-Quad, but the Supertrail was more like the Sooty-Trail so I decided to go back to Antons. I thought I’d take Snowgums because the Kosi was so packed, but this was a bad idea! After about a 20 minute chairlift, it got me to Black Sally’s Kiosk but that’s about it. Not quite high enough for Sponars. So I had to do the old unclip and hike trick. I finally made the long traverse to Sponars, then Antons and funily enough just in time to meet back up with Tim and Jim in the line at the bottom of Antons.

The rest of the day the blizzard got worse but we braved the cold and finished the day off with a pizza, spa, sauna and beer back at the lodge. Tim and Pab were very disappointed there wasn’t a fooseball table in the games room. There are now two airhocky tables, both are extremely loud so we left to find ourselves some wombat holes and watch the snow softly falling in the night. After waxing the boards again and stinking out the lodge with the love-or-hate smell of burning wax, we had a scotch for a nitecap and hit the sack.

0630 hours. The “No Friends on Powder Day” rule was in effect. After arriving at the Thredbo carpark We jumped the first bus to Crackenback! The weather report was saying 5cm snowfall overnight, but the cars outside were saying at least 10cm! This was looking good! Our first ride up the Kosi-Quad we knew this was virgin snow. Only to see our dreams tracked out within a couple of seconds. Still, there was pow to be had everywhere, straight down the middle or through the trees – it didn’t matter! A first for me!

We also had a few excellent off-piste runs, getting partially buried in powder in parts which made me wish I’d been to the gym more often. After which we had lunch and then proceeded to Merrits to have a few Cruisers.

We met at the pub in Fridays Flat at 4:00 PM and then after slipping in quick sauna and spa back at the lodge we started on the long road back to Sydney. Of course stopping off for an Italian Veggie Burger at the Cooma Pizza-House (with the lady and her strips of ripped foolscap on the counter and her chaotic ordering system). As well as doing the traditional ‘slide upside down on your back on the spiral slippery slide’ outside the Cooma DSS. We all made it home safely to be in bed by 1 AM for about 6 hours sleep and then back to work! Another fantastic low pressure chaser, and a great start to the snow season!

Bradley Wong.