Snowboarding in Lead Undies, part 1 – Mitchell in Hiroshima

God i’m sore today…

The place we went to was called Mizuho, near Hiroshima.

We got the bus overnight and got to the mountain at 3am thinking fuk we got to sit here for 6 hrs till the lifts open? But noooo….first lifts..get this…5.30am!! still dark…and by this time the carpark was half full..and this is no Hakkouda size carpark either – more like Dreamworld size!

So basically we knew we were in for a day of queuing and barging…and since the carpark was bereft of snow…ice on arse bashing… We bought our tickets and went up the 4 person gondora (sic) and get to the top which is lit up and already full of weekend sliders (about 10:1 boarders:skiers).

Did a couple of warm ups and then went up a chair as the sun was rising. The day turned into completely blue skies and groomed runs – no tree runs to be had at all – tho i did try and duck in here and there to little avail.. That is not to say that no fun was had…some long runs with bermed sides providing us with a bit of satisfaction..

The crowd factor was an influence through out the day. However, it did provide as a side effect an extraordinary number of Nihongen snow bunnies …and comedic relief viewing on the chairs!! There were 2 boarder parks and a half pipe – we hit the smaller park a few times – the larger and the pipe were basically a fashion show! In the end we boarded from 6am till 3pm with a quick ramen stop..and had in the end around 20 runs…

Fun day..and just enough to feed the monkey…

Pov then Mitch shred the rad in the terrain park
Streaming Movie

Pov really likes the taste of Japanese

The hills are alive with the sound of J-pop

Hills of the rising sun