Craig will send out some pictures tomorrow, I’m sure. There’s was powder everywhere.. it was falling 40k BEFORE cooma on the highway. I’m glad we took the bus instead of fighting the roads and getting bogged. We saw heaps of cars off the road including an overturned one. They closed the road between Cooma and Jindy, but let the buses through. We were greeted in Jindy by a town-wide blackout. This went on until 5pm the next night or so. The lifts were running at thredbo though, so there was no reason to complain. =)

My first tracks of the season were actually riding in the hill in the backyard of snowy valley. The worst bit about Saturday was getting bogged in the powder at the bowl in thredbo. That left me tired and exhausted, but still it was definitely worth it to get up there this weekend. Even if I only managed a handful of runs each day. I’d give this weekend a big thumbs up.

Amy Ryan