Dan Copping, Lord of the Dry Slope back in Olde Blighty, with the first LPL report for 2005

Got back from Thredbo late Sunday night. As predicted there wasn’t too much snow on the lower levels, in fact they were transporting snow in wheelbarrows on ‘Friday Flat’ just to keep it open. Higher up on ‘Merrits’ was much better than I could have hoped for. There was enough fresh or blown on snow to save me from the worse injuries as I attempted to learn to snowboard. Sunday was a different story, my friend Paul equated it to slippery concrete …he wasn’t too far wrong. Two of our group broke their wrists that afternoon! Saying all that I had a fantastic weekend and it may not have been perfect conditions but that didn’t spoil the fun. I would recommend Oz Snow Adventures to anyone, very cheap and great if you are heading down on your own as you get to meet loads of people. I’m now planning my next trip!



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