The low pressure system (gotta love ‘em!) over S-E Aus. is stalling, which should mean even more snow on the mountains tonight & tomorrow – with snow falling as low as 800m (ie. the Blue Mountains!).

This week the snow gods have already given us 10-15 cm every night since Sunday, so by the time it clears up on the weekend, the few lucky sods who get up the mountains will have a beuatiful powder-topia all to themselves! So book your accom now, & take some photos for the LPL!

The infra-red Satellite animation is looking amazing – that low is sucking up moisture like crazy!

Here’s a few photos from around the resorts today – they enjoyed a cold sunny winters day while that phat low builds momentum for the big Wednesday night dump!

Juicy low with lots of cold moisture in it – the speckled clouds are full of snow!

Thredbo – some dude getting air at what looks like the Bluff.

Thredbo – nice freshies at the Bluff – must be a staff member, because the Crackenback lift isnt open yet.

Thredbo – Lower Supertrail freshies.

Perisher Blue – a lone boarder somewhere near the Freelander mid-station.

Perisher Blue – snowguns going full bore in the sunshine.

Mt. Hotham – icicles on the snowcam are truly a beautiful sight!