Local lads going large in Zalzburg

My mates from home sent me these photos to piss me off even more (Christoph works at Animal Logic in Sydney). It’s on a city hill in Salzburg – The actual alps are in the other direction. These hills are the outskirts and surrounding Salzburg.

Goggi (the guy in the air) was offered a sponsoring by Red Bull, but he didn’t take it. He just finshed uni last year and is a doctor now… I guess that allows him to fix himself up again!

This stuff looks more crazy than it actually is. When we build ramps, we usually make sure that there is plenty of powder in the landing area, but still there is always a higher risk as soon as you do flips… It’s awesome to watch though!

Photo by one of Christoph’s mates, photoshop treatment by Alferg.
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