The Japanese prefecture of Aomori has recorded the biggest snowfalls in 19 years this season. Melanie Surry managed to take a few pics in-between digging a tunnel through the snow to find her car…

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Photo 1: The exit onto the road from the forest course run-out. Compare it to last years photos to see how much more snow we had. The friend in the photo is TALL!

Photo 2: A panorama of the snowbridge that we use to cross the creek at the end of the Moke run (the run with the bowl at the top).

Photo 3: The same place, but vertical. Pretty, innit?

Photo 4: Bruce, my wonder-car! Photo was taken early in the season. Since then, the snow has been bulldozed into a 2.5 storey high pile in my car park, taken away, and snow pile number 2 is currently about my height again.

This year, Aomori city has had the heaviest snowfall in 19 years. Officially its 163 cm at sealevel (as of late last week), but in reality, theres a lot more snow than that. Its ridiculous. All the first floor apartments in my building are buried in snow, with only about the top 30 cm of window visible.

The city ran through the last of its snow removal budget (about 25 million dollars) on the 13th of February, and we are applying for emergency federal funding. They estimate we need another 13 mil to get through the rest of winter. Hmmm… otherwise the whole city may have to get out to dig the national roads!