We had an amazing day at Hakkouda today! White-outs & icy winds at the peak of Hakkouda-san are the norm, so we were really lucky to be there in lovely warm sunny weather, checking out the clear blue skies & jaw-dropping views. It was impossible to take a bad photo in those conditions, so we climbed the radio tower, which was totally covered in rime (crusty windblown snow), & we shot some panoramas before carving up the sparkling snow below us.

Mitchie-san climbing up the Hakkouda radio tower

“Snow monsters” as far as the eye can see…

…Almost looks like they’re marching up the hill at us

Mitchell can hardly contain his excitement!

Absolutely dripping with snow… reminds me of the sandcastles we used to make as kids, by dripping wet sand through your fingers.

Like I said, it was impossible to take a bad photo

Thanks to the local knowledge of Melanie & Mitchie-san, we tried this awesome 20ft cliff-drop – the biggest drop I have ever done by a long shot! MAJOR adrenaline rush. Later that day a Japanese pro did a phat 720 off it, which we watched from the cable-car overhead – later, back at the base station, they showed us the footage & it looked impressive, with the cable-car floating through shot while the pro rider spins in the air.

Al stomps it (the first & only time I did, unfortunately)

Mitchie-san pulls off the big drop on his tele’s – pretty impressive!

The Japanese National Arse-Boarding Championships