“Free your heels & your ass will follow”

If you have an iron will, titanium thighs & buns of steel, then you might enjoy the rigours of back-country skiing – personally, I’d rather wait for a full metal chairlift…

Free-heelers Owen Lansbury & Emma Hamilton reporting for NSW Back Country, 3-4/10/04

Did a good trip on Sunday up around North Ram’s Head and down to Dead Horse Gap, then hiked back to Thredbo down the river. Yesterday went off the back of Mount Perisher, out to the Paralyser and down to Guthega. Perfect spring conditions – T-shirts, soggy snow and loads of critters running around. Had to bite the bullet and take our boots off to get across the river at Guthega – then had to walk back up to Blue Cow to get home as they’d closed the lifts for the season.

And so ends another season…


Mrs Echidna comes out for a spot of sunbaking

Emma has 2nd thoughts about crossing the creek barefoot…

Owen dances through the rocks

Emma crossing the arctic tundra

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