As you may have guessed, Ive been having far too much fun scoring shitloads of freshies here to be bothered with touching a bloody computer… had today off from boarding due to a throbbin head, after the obligatory NYE boozing, & have just had a fantastically rejuvinating onsen visit, so here i am in the pizza shop/internet cafe finally.

a brief run-down on the trip so far – Kyoto was beautiful, & it snowed there on our first day! It was totaly magical, visiting shrines & temples with a lovely coating of fluff on everything. The Gion district is chokkers with traditional japanese tea-houses & we even spotted a few Geisha scurrying around the place – its like you’ve just time-travelled 300 years back.. incredible!

All up, Kyoto is a great town to visit, & I’ll post some photos when we get back as no description can really do it justice.

Anyhow, cutting to the chase – lets talk snow!

On the bus from Chitose (Sapporo) airport, the lack of the typical 3m+ snowbanks on the roadside was a worry… where was the frosty landscape we saw on previous trips? Our first view of the Niseko Hirafu hill looked somewhat like Thredbo on a bad day… Argh! Pass the razor blades!

So we skipped xmas day as I was a bit ill & the snow still looked terrible, then it started dumping xmas night & kept going for 2 days… scored some of the deepest freshies of my life! really awesome… waist-deep in places! Quite a lot of bamboo poking through in the off-piste areas, but its easy to ride through – kinda fun actually, as it makes you feel like Indiana Jones in a powdery jungle! I’ve taken to wearing some bamboo leaves sticking out of my helmet, which the japanese find hilarious ;)

Brett & Suzanne arrived on the 27th, & since then we’ve been running amok in our favourite secret powder spots, having an awesome time, making the most of the cosy gondolas when the wind is up, & eating piles of great food at the numerous restaurants. Our deluxe pad has a great view of the beginners area, & rather than watch TV in the evenings, we observe the ‘funniest home videos’ antics of learners stacking it at the base if the bunny run :)

Its been snowing quite heavily since this afternoon, & we had a good laugh (once the hangovers had subsided) having an urban jib session around the town before our onsen trip, so I better hit the hay for an early start in the morning… top to bottom freshies will be the order of the day tomorrow… gee its a hard life!

Will post some pics & movies soon – havent actually been taking the camera up the hill much as the visibility hasnt been that great & the snow has been so great we cant be arsed wasting time taking photos!

Just had a look at the
MRF & It looks as if it’l keep dumping for the duration! Hakkouda-san promises to be more of the same – endless deep powder… SICK!