The snow season started well back in April with a big dump, then went into hibernation until last week. Some reports were predicting up to a metre over the course of the week, but the first part of the front turned into a total fizzer. Al, in his eternal optimism, had caught a bus down to Termeil with the plan to zip up for first tracks on Wednesday morning, but there ended up being no point rushing. Instead, we enjoyed a leisurely cruise through a beautiful sunset down to Jindabyne, thinking Thursday would see some action from the next front. Again, a bit of a fizzer, but it did start dumping through the day and accumulated about 25cm by nightfall, right down into Thredbo Village. Al had been amongst it all day, starting with rock hopping early, turning into freshies by the afternoon, while I’d just hung out in the Alpine Hotel doing a bit of work and waiting for it to fill in.

We zipped up to Dead Horse Gap on sunset in the peak of the blizzard, and there was enough snow accumulated to ride about 2kms of downhill pitch on the main road towards Thredbo. The chaos on the road back to Jindabyne was amusing to begin with, but the novelty soon wore off after an hour of 20kmh behind a bus that refused to yield for faster cars…

It was all worth it on Friday morning though, as a total of 45cms had fallen in 24 hours, really filling things in properly. I wouldn’t call it “all-time” as we couldn’t access some of the better terrain, but it was easily one of the better days you’d expect to get during the season…

By Owen.