NZ dump as seen from space

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I just love this image… Such a massive area blanketed in snow. An interesting article about the storm from the Earth Observatory web page.

Winter Storm in New Zealand

A powerful winter storm swept across New Zealand on June 12, 2006. The storm brought strong winds that gusted up to 130 kilometers per hour (80 miles per hour) and at least one tornado, reported the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Heavy rains triggered floods and landslides along the western coast of South Island, and snow blanketed the central part of the island. This wild weather, said the ABC, knocked out power in Auckland, on North Island (not pictured), and throughout the Canterbury region, shown here.

On June 13, skies were clear when the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this photo-like image of South Island, New Zealand. Snow covers the Southern Alps, making the finger-like glacier lakes stand out like sapphires against a field of white. The snow stretches to the sea on the east side of the island. It is here, in the river basins and valleys east of the mountains and around Christchurch, that deep snow closed roads and isolated communities, say news reports.

The impact of heavy rain along the western shore of South Island is also evident in this image. Mud-laden water, full of sediment from landslides and run-off, flows into the Tasman Sea from the many streams that run out of the mountains. In the ocean, the muddy water is tan and fades to a cloudy green as the sediment disperses.

Click here for hi-res version (well worth a look – its lovely!)

More NZ dump photos

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Roadside air on the way to Mt Hutt

Timaru airport – only 27 metres above sea level!

Mt Hutt view from Methven

Giddy Up Horsie!

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More pics of the low-level snow in NZ, from forums (scroll down).

Ride em cowboy!


Frozen lamb chops

Trouble for trains

Monster Dump for NZ

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Reports of up to a metre in the Canterbury/Otago regions, & it’s still snowing – down to sea-level in Christchurch!

More info at & Mt Hutt.

View from Mt Hutt – snow from the top right down to the plains.

Queens Birthday Face-shots

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I was going to do the usual thing, post a few pics & depth readings, but then I saw this video & realised there wasnt much point in rambling on. just watch the vid & you’ll see what I mean!

Thredbo 11th of June 2006 – SCHÜSS PRODUCTIONS

For the helmet-haters

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A few season-starting links for your enjoyment.

Better Headgear Through Chemistry
For the helmet-haters: a soft beanie lined with elastic polymers that stiffen upon wipeout

Take better photos (& send them to LPL!) courtest of the New YorkInstiture of Photography
How to Take Great Skiing and Snowboarding Pictures

Some Stunning snow photography, mostly from Japan

The most incredible snowboard drop ever. I have no idea who it is, but they have bigger balls than king kong.
Huuuuuuuuuuuuge drop

Perisher Blue opened today

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PB opened 2 days before the official season start date today, albeit 1 t-bar in Front Valley being the extent of the lifts! Anything for publicity eh… The NSW resorts are looking quite nice, having retained some natural falls (from last week) & adding plenty of human-made snow in the cold temps since. The Vic resorts are looking quite sad, however.

The forecast is hard to pick for this weekend, as right now the low pressure system seems to have stalled – blizzards are possible on sunday, so we might even see a good dump from this. Beyond that, not much is expected until the last week of June.

Some sliders at Perisher Blue today

Evidence of last weeks 30cms – Perisher Blue

Blackheath, Blue Mtns, last week

Drovers Dream, Falls Creek, looking pretty tragic for opening weekend

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