2 girls for every boy

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Forget California – in the Japan Alps, it really is 2 girls for every boy! ;)

Here’s Dylan & Glen getting cosy with some very kawaii(cute in Japanese) chicks from Kyoto, in a temple within a snowcave (built by the lifties) next to the bottom a chairlift at Happo One, Nagano.

Happo One Back-country washout

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Here’s the first batch of photos from the recent LPL Japan trip. Jim & I did a back-country tour with a bunch of other Aussies (who all hang out on the ski.com.au forums) & the guys from Evergreen Outdoors.

Jim has some photos too, so when he gets back we’ll upload the best of those.

The posse in the Happo One carpark

Spirits were hight at the top lift – bluebird powder day for us! Or so we though…

Jim’s mirror gogs showing the top lift & the crew hanging out for it to open.

Al & Jim ready for the snow-shoe shuffle.

Hiking up the main ridge – clounds rolling in – uh-oh…

This is about where I must’ve accidentally changed my camera settings… Or it didnt like the white-out conditions… The following shots are over-exposed (although I’ve tweaked the contast & brightness)

Still hiking…

Trent puts on a brave face

Jim & John (from Evergreen tours – skiing on teles) coming down the valley – hardpack icy sides, some chalky pow in the middle. This was the best bit.

Some frames from my vids now.

Here’s Trent getting some rooster-tail action in what i think must be the slushier section lower down.

Here we are at the bottom. It’s raining & the snow is like glue. We all have a snack & a laugh (otherwise we’d probably cry). Jim demonstrates the sticky snow by making a huge snowball in about 10 seconds…

…& then rolling it down the hill. See the dark patch in the middle? That’s the original ball – it quadrupled in size over 2 revolutions!

Jim poling his way along the exit traverse, soggy but happy having conquered the mountain!

A well deserved onsen complete with floating sake tray – luxury!

In a Canadian country garden…

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Tim Rowlandson’s brother Dan lives in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

Like all Canadians, he works as a lumberjack, grows BC buds in summer, eats Kraft Dinner for every meal, & has a snowboarding terrain park in his garden… Here he is enjoying it :)

Acid drop from the roof.

Rail-slide to strawberry patch.

Thanks Tim & Dan for the pics

Big White, Canada report

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Ben Steeles Big White report: 3rd of Febrary – 5th of February, 2006

Went on the Rainmaker Ski Trip, lost my snowboarding virginity a little embarrassing have waited so long but I guess I am from the edge of the desert, We went to a place called ‘Big White’. Its about 6 hours from Vancouver, in the Okanagan, near Kelowna. Awesome… So awesome. So much snow. It snowed constantly and heavily from Friday night all through Saturday, a foot or more of fresh powder.

The bus ride was like a frat party, our hosts tried desperately to keep the rowdy elements seated but they were too busy having sculling competitions at the rear of the bus.. I kept my head down for fear of breaking myself the following day.. the bus ride home wasn’t much tamer neither, it seems that ‘ski trip’ is Canadian code for ‘Crazy piss up’.

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