Wombat mother & child

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An old pic from 2003 that deserves to be blogged.

Grabbed it from someone on ski.com.au – 2 little wombats trecking through the powder in the Victorian Alps – awww…

Photoshop Skills Required…

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Click here to check out this hilarious thread from somethingawful.com.

Forum Goon paul V1.333 started a thread a little while ago with the following:

“A friend asked me if I could edit out the foot/ski in this picture. I have tried but my photoshop skills are not so great. I had trouble filling in the area left by the ski with trees. So if you have some skill and would like to give it a try I would appreciate the help. Thanks!”

The goons got one good look at the picture, and went to work.

There are 20 pages of this sillyness – some of my favourites:

Niseko Yuki Hai Hai!

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Check the daily reports at this site – its astounding how much snow this place gets – & nearly every night!

They’ve had a 195cm since saturday, & thats pretty much a standard week in Hokkaido…

Snowjapan ‘Niseko Now!’ report

Marshmallowed Log Cabin

Niseko trees, heavily laden with dry fluff – as per usual

Heaviest snow in California since 1916

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Wow!! Amazing amounts of snow in the good old US of A this week – resorts in Lake Tahoe are reporting 100 inches from this one storm!

11 JAN 2004 – from snow-forecast.com:

USA Powder has blanketed the mountains in California, Utah and Colorado over the past few days. It is currently snowing in most resorts in these three states, and where it isn?t, it?s expected to this afternoon. The recent storm in the Sierras constitutes the heaviest snowfall the area has seen since 1916! The weather is very extreme across western states. Heavenly (205/270cm) and other Lake Tahoe resorts have a truly unreal quantity of fresh powder! Mammoth (180/240cm) is also wallowing in over a metre of deep fluffy powder. Skies are clearing over these resorts, but it will be a while before the groomers can catch up and there is a risk of EXTREMELY high winds gusting. At least 50% of the lifts are closed due to the sheer amount of new snow and strong winds. This storm fell as rain in SoCal, which has created wet and sticky conditions in the San Bernadinos. Driving conditions are perilous in many areas of CO, UT and CA: danger of flash floods, mudslides and avalanches abound. Snowstorms have also swept across the East Coast with dumps of up to 40cm in New York state, Pennsylvania Indiana and Illinois. All northeastern states have received at least 10cm of new snow, as has much of Quebec and Ontario.

Some lucky bastards front door

Waist-deep nirvana Alta

Winter wonderland

Wolf Creek

Squaw Valley

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