The Final Slidedown

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The springtime melt is in full effect, so if you fancy one last slide for 2004, now is the time.

The Frog is tipping a cold change with some snow around the 9th of October (final weekend is 9th-10th), but meanwhile it sounds like the hills are holding up quite well – here’a a couple of recent reports from

Dave S
Reporting for 27/9/2004, Perisher Blue

Been skiing the past 3 days. The cover is still in pretty good shape everywhere except Guthega. I’m still a beginner so the most challenging run I did was Zalis. During the middle of the day it was getting a bit heavy going particularly on the green runs but it was good in the morning and late afternoon. Front Valley and the Blue Cow area is still in very good shape.

Reporting for 26/9/2004, Perisher Blue

Hey all,
snowboarded 25th september, was a magic day with unbeatable weather! Still LOTS of snow around for this time of the year, however Smiggins will close very soon and it was like a waterpark by the mid afternoon. Half pipe and slopestyle course on Front Valley were in superb condition, hit them while you can. All and all it was fantastic for so late in September.

Temperatures soared at Perisher Blue on the weekend…. “Do these goggles match my bikini?”


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Sick – I want one!


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Like all good things, the season is coming to an end… & what a ripper it has been! But its not over ’till the fat lady stomps a 540-stalefish – there is potential for one last cold snap around the 7-8th, & meanwhile there is a fantastic base of spring snow, with plenty of warm sunny days left to slip, slop & slap in the slush.

When you’ve done your final sticky skid in the elephant-snot, make sure you pack away your kit properly or your shiny new board will be a rust-bucket by next season! & if your snow-clothes smell like a sumo-wrestlers jock-strap after a season of sweaty 1/2 pipe sessions, remember to not use washing powder on them. Apparently the best bet is to use soap-flakes, so you dont wash out the waterproof layer, then wash them again in some Nix-wax to seal them up.

Here’s the wisdom from Paul Oberin:

Tip of the Week with Paul Oberin
copied from Snowatch

It is almost time to pack away that snow sports equipment, for a few months, and correct storage is important.

For Snowboards and Skis, a hot wax that covers the edges as well as the p-tex base, helps prevent oxidation of the edges, and shrinkage of the base plastic. Base shrinkage can cause delamination in years to come, as moisture can penetrate the core, when the p-tex shrinks away from the metal edges, Vaseline is not the best for keeping rust away, as it makes it very hard to apply wax, once the Vaseline has been absorbed into the base.

Don’t store your equipment in a closed bag, as the bag will trap moisture and cause rust, on the edges, and the bindings metal parts, like the internal springs. Plastic ski boots should be buckled up and kept in a cool dry place, particularly if they have heat moulded liners, or have custom footbeds. Some people wind off bindings, but unless you plan on keeping your skis for around 20 years, I wouldn’t bother.

Mice, rats and even birds like to nest in ski boots if stored, in the right place, so think about where you are putting those important pieces of equipment.

Paul Oberin is the owner/operator of Paul’s Ski Shop, Wodonga.

You Snooze, You Lose!

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Richards Report

Luckily there was plenty of powder everywhere on Sunday, but after seeing this I’m kicking myself for forgetting to set my alarm to 30min earlier…

Spring Powder Treat – Report for Thredbo, 11-12/09/04

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Al Ferguson reporting for Thredbo, 11-12/09/04

Saturday – rain/snow flurries at the base, sago up high, which turned to a full-on powder dump by about 11 am. Pretty windy & low vis especially at the peaks, but as blizzards go it was pretty bearable. No crowds at all! Didnt stand in a queue all day. Antons & Merrits were relatively protected, so we didnt venture to the other side of the hill.

Wicked freshies at Antons/Sponars all morning, tracks filling in after 2-3 runs, the snow just got deeper & deeper all day! Michaels Mistake was untracked & absolutely epic! At Merrits, Boundary riders (& out wider) was marshmallow land, lovely dry knee-deep powder turns – snowboarding nirvana! Had an hour or 2 of patchy sunlight & good visibility, so went back to Antons/Sponars & tracked up as much of that as we could see.

Saturday Evening – Pizza eating, helmet shopping & a very thorough board maintenance session, lubricated by ample amounts of amber ale.

Sunday – slightly cloudy, plenty of sunshine, 100% vis. A perfect powder day – knee-deep freshies all over the place! The obvious places were naturally tracked out quite quickly, but all our usual secret lines were intact, & we discovered some new ones too. The Black Forest was deep, dry & untouched – definately as good as mid-season if not better! Hard to believe this is spring?!

Possibly the best trip of the season, Excellent fun also had by the Perisher Blue contingent, all totally stoked to have caught what will probably be the last good dump of 2004.

Some photos from Jimmy Hacket:

Al & Gibbo take a walk in The Black Forest

Al drops a cliff at Antons

Hey Ladieeeees!

Any Hole in a Storm

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Man shelters from blizzard in wombat hole

OTTO Hello has a wombat hole to thank for his escape from a night lost in a blizzard.

The Canberra man, 45, went out to clean the windows of an alpine hut and visit the pit toilet during a blizzard about 4pm on Saturday. He returned to find the hut door snowed in so he decided to collect some firewood. That’s when his problems started.

As he wandered around in near zero visibility with heavy snow falling he became lost and wandered further away from Tin Hut. Before dark he found a wombat hole and crawled in to sleep the night.

His mates, all experienced cross country skiers, did not become alarmed until about 5pm and after a two-hour search contacted police. Rescuers from Perisher attempted to reach the hut late on Saturday night after the alarm was raised but were forced back about 10.30pm by heavy snow and strong winds.

Senior Constable John Fitzsimmons described conditions in the area as “very difficult. If he fell he could have been covered up by snow,” he said.

The police helicopter joined six ground searchers on skidoos who began searching about 11am yesterday when the weather cleared. Mr Hello was found by the helicopter about 2.20pm standing outside the hut. He was flown to the road where he was transferred to the Perisher medical centre.

The Daily Telegraph

LPL’er Dean Ervik considers checking into a wombat hotel

Incoming Spring Blizzard

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A couple of crews heading for Perisher Blue & Thredbo this weekend. BOM are forecasting snow down to 700m on Saturday, so looking good for a much-needed springtime top-up! Some forecasters are predicting up to 40cm of new snow between now & Wednesday – noice!

Keep an eye on the BOM & Frogs websites for details.

Also the 6 day forecast is looking great right now.

Gibbo in the Glue – Tim Gibson reporting for Perisher Blue 4-5/09/04

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Tim Gibson reporting for Perisher Blue 4-5/09/04

After a saturday spent for the most part in the terrain park we had 15-20 cm of pretty dry snow up top at Perisher falling over saturday night / sunday morning – this meant 15-20 cm of rain all night at our camp site in Jindy though! Unfortunately for reasons unexplained to us the road up to Perisher was closed till about 12.00 so by the time we got there a lot of the snow had been tracked out by those that arrived by ski tube. However visibility was pretty grim early on but at around 2 o’clock we where treated to an hour long spell of sun and me and Ian where all any little patches of un-tracked snow we could find. The best run of the day was when we noticed the terrain park at Blue Cow was closed – ducking the rope we discovered 150 meters of untouched snow burying what where assorted jumps and rails only the day before – short, but very, very sweet.

As I reckon is the norm here, the snow became very heavy and glue-like by mid afternoon and I spent the remainder of the day brushing up on my switch riding skills – ie looking like a complete kook!

fun fun fun – and we had more snow than the famed powder fields of Bondi.

Tim Gibson

Boarding at Bondi Beach

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Freaky weather in Sydney yesterday – I was in Vaucluse, & found myself stomping around in 5cm deep crunchy hail!

Some nutters were snowboarding at Bondi Beach!!

Photo: Paul Miller

The Bondi Beach Gap Jump Photo: Damien Power

There was snowboarding at Bondi and a hail fight at a Concord park.

Drivers struggled to stay on the road, but children made the most of a brief, although surprising, burst of hail across Sydney yesterday afternoon.

A spate of quick thunderstorms brought “snow-like” hail, falling mostly in Sydney’s west, although it was 5-6 centimetres deep on Epping Road at North Ryde, a Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said.

Funny quote from

“All runs are open at Bondi on firm and fast base, softening up during the evening. Groomers pick is Campbell Parade, & for the more advanced the half pipe is going off! The RTA advises chains must be fitted at William st.”

& some more pics from

LPL reporter Amy Ryan on location:

We wanted to take our boards, but by the time we switched the bindings to the old boards it would have been dark. There were HUGE crowds out watching. it was crazy. we had a snowball fight in a parking garage by scooping the hail off of cars. =) We talked to the guy in the SMH picture for a bit. “Its ok. you get in two carves and then you jump the footpath.”

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