Rob & Pat Love Powder!

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This is Robert Byrne & Pat Felgueras’ report from “Big Wednesday” – the pic says it all…

Blue Sky Weekend – Al Ferguson reporting for 8-9/08/04

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Al Ferguson reporting for 8-9/08/04, Pics by Owen.

There’s nothing quite like a sunny, cloudless day after a huge dump. Thredbo may have been totally tracked out, but there was no shortage of fresh powder if you felt like a bit of hiking.

Owen over the tundra

Al earns his turns

The reward

The result

Jim, Al & Brad take a breather while hiking back out

Movie – 3Mb
Owen & Al @ Stanleys
jim forest

Waxing Wisdom

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No, we’re not talkin “brazillians” or the Oxford st special, the “back, crack n sack”…

A DIY guide to waxing your plank courtesy of SHQ – How to wax a snowboard

Big Wednesday

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Yesterday was one of those rare unforgettable days in the mountains… No wind, clear skies, & 70cm of fresh pow at Thredbo… to all those LPLs who were there – I HATE YOU GUYS!!! :P

Some pics of Thredbo on Wednesday 04/08 from – hopefully more to come from LPLs…

I Can Die Happy – Justin’s Hotham Report

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Justin Miller Reporting on Mt Hotham, Saturday 31/7 to Wednesday 4/8
Photos at the bottom

Picked up Mikey from Tulla friday morning and drove up to Hotham with FROG’s forecasts generating much excitement and anticipation. With a base of 165cm already, Mikey (from QLD) was very impressed with the spectacular drive along the ridge.

Saturday and Sunday were spent cruising the fantastic groomed fall line runs on packed powder with very little ice or slush to speak of. Colder temps help Hotham avoid the Thredbo ice/slush combo. Sunday night it started to flurry a bit but tragedy had struck as Mike’s old leg injury had put an early end to his week. Poor boy. Did he realise what was about to happen? So I dropped him off at Mt Hotham Airport (We do it right here in VIC) and met the new arrivals at Swindlers for a few too many beers (check out the brunette bar chick. Phew!) Was it me or was Hotham a hotbed of babes (all under 20 it seems…DOH!)

After while we emerged into the night to discover it was PUKING!!!!!

Oh yes, a fresh cover of 15cm had fallen in the time we were boozing and it was dumping!!!. A mad dance of joy was done and we all headed home for an early start…

The next day we awoke to a winter farrrrrrrrkin wonderland. After a mad dash to the bottom we were about 3rd chair up for the carving up of 25cm of pure dry orgasmic joy. The mountain was a pleasure playground for the next 5 hours. Vis was patchy up top but the fact that it was still puking meant tracks were being filled in nicely…

The snow continued unabated and the next day we awoke to find another 25 – 30cm had erased the previous days exploits ! The mad push to be 1st on the chair saw some serious argy-bargy and the first quad actually went up with only 2 in it after two skiiers fell off!

Chopper and I carved up the ‘gun barrel’ and then hiked up GREENLINE to the top of MARY’S SLIDE. As we almost reached the top the GOTCHA chair started to run and I had to sprint the last 100m to beat the hordes…Oh yes, we arrived at the top to find the sun shining and a double black gully of untouched POW!Needless to say that I launched into this field of dreams to finally claim first tracks in an orgy of long wide turns with a rooster trail of dry powder marking my descent. Later that day we hiked ONE TREE HILL and further along the ridge to carve up even more deep fresh down the face of the KAT skiiing area. Absolute liquid joy.

Now I know God. I can die happy.

Be good to see some of you New South Weigans head down to Victoria to see what a real boarders mountain looks like. Off to Fiji for 3 weeks to go sailboarding/kite surfing and hope to see you for a weekend in Sept.


Pre-dump, & already looking mighty nice

From car-park to terrain-park

There’s something about Mary’s Slide…

NZ Weather Sites

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With a few LPLs heading for NZ in the next few weeks, here’s some useful sites to distract you from the cute sheep during your trip to land of the long white cloud. Thanks to Nigel for the linkage.

A great collection of weather maps – check out the View Flyby movie, very nice.
A weather & climate service run by Victoria University, Wellington.

Met Service
Even though its a weather info company, there is some free stuff, such as a function that will send you an email when severe weather is forecast for your area… “Mr Shepard, your flock has just been blown away by an extreme wind”…


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A whopping 40 CM at Thredbo since last night! and the other resorts arent far behind either! but wait, it gets better! This is just the beginning – its set to snow almost constantly for the next week!!

Quite a few LPLs heading to the mountains this weekend, & we will have some reports from the crew who are there now (scoring all the freshies, the lucky sods!) so expect stacks of great photos & snow-tales on the blog next week.

Check out The Frogs forecast – up to 158cm in the next week & a half!!!


From Snowatch

Tuesday 3: 3 strong W-WNW winds, cold with widespread snowfalls to around 800-900m – blizzard conditions at times, heavier falls are likely to the north (15-20cm in VIC resorts, 25-40cm in NSW resorts)
Wednesday 4: strong WNW-WSW winds, widespread snowshowers to around 1100m – blizzard conditions likely earlier in the day (10-17cm)
Thursday 5: moderate to strong W-WSW winds, light showers falling as snow above 1300m (5-10cm)
Friday 6: moderate to strong WNW-WSW winds increasing during the day, light snowfalls early above 1500m becoming heavier during the day/overnight and lowering to around 1200m overnight (5-15cm)
Saturday 7: moderate to strong W-SW winds, light showers falling as snow above 1400m (3-7cm)
Sunday 8: moderate SW winds easing, light snowshowers easing during the day (1-4cm)
Monday 9: moderate NW-WNW winds increasing from the SW, mainly fine morning with cloud increasing and snowfalls developing in the south to low levels and reaching the NSW resorts overnight (10-15cm)
Tuesday 10: strong W-SW winds, very cold with widespread snowfalls developing early to around 900m with blizzard conditions likely (15-25cm)
Wednesday 11: strong WSW-SW winds easing later, widespread snowfalls to around 1000m easing in the south later (12-25cm)
Thursday 12: light to moderate N-NW winds increasing to possible gale force later, mainly fine but cloudy
Friday 13: strong WNW-NNW winds, cloud increasing with widespread snowfalls developing during the day
Saturday 14: strong NW winds turning SW, widespread snowfalls continuing
Sunday 15: moderate to strong WSW-SW winds, light snowshowers easing during the day
Monday 16: strong NNW-WNW winds, mainly fine but cloudy day

(updated @ 10:25am Tuesday 3rd August)

Long Range Outlook:

Heavy snowfalls today and tomorrow with lighter steady snowfalls continuing into the weekend before another strong system arrives that should once again see the mountains blanketed by more fresh snow.

It looks like a very cold system will arrive late on the 9th and at this stage it looks like a very good dump of snow is likely across the 10th, 11th and easing on the 12th. This could possibly be the best fall of the season so far. Another good dump looks likely to follow this on the 13th/14th.

So all up this means around 1-1.5m of fresh snow is likely in the next two weeks.

After that the 18th-20th should see some more snowfalls with the 24th-26th also looking promising. The end of the month could also bring some more snow around the 30th-1st.

…..stay tuned to Snowatch for developments.

- The Frog

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