Low-level snow last weekend

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Seems like the weekend dump-fest virtually missed the mountains! Thredbo was claiming 30cm all up (exaggerated of course), but it sounds like more fell in Jindabyne!

Still, plenty of thrills for folks lower down – Cath Dumas had 10cm of snow at her house in Bowral, Justin Miller reported seeing snow all across the Hunter Valley during a flight on Sunday, & these images of a back-yard kicker session in Kalkite are pretty rare for Australia indeed.

Snowing at Kalkite – 17th July 2004

More pics from the LPL weekend warriors soon.

Jindabyne on Saturday


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CHULKSMACK – the new video from Mack Dawg Productions

Thanks to Ian Douglass for this – I like how the electro-clash soundtrack works so well with all the slow-mo footage – certainly a refreshing change from the standard testosterone-fuelled punk you get on most of these vids.

Amy’s Thredbo Report

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Yes, I realize that I look like a complete idiot completely falling on my ass, but I was having fun… =)

saturday: first run was uber-icy, things softened up. most of the formations on the runs had disappeared in the last two weeks. best runs were at Cruiser in the morning.. anything lower than that and you’d have been better off on a mountain bike than a snowboard. =) we tried the koziosco (sp?) chair side, but things were that great. they weren’t bad off the baron’s t-bar, but it seems that I’m the only one here who could master a t-bar. I’m also the only one without family jewels though, so that might be the real reason. saturday night was MAJOR party night at snowy valley.. I’ve never seen so many people trashed the next day

sunday: the morning started with near zero visibility at the top of thredbo. my friends at perisher said it was so bad there that they went home at noon. we stuck to thredbo runs that we knew well. the snow was a soft sleet/slush, but the kind that’s fun and you can actually gain some speed on. By lunch time, the fog lifted and we were able to get a few more runs in. oddly, the only time that the mountain seemed extra busy was sunday afternoon around 2:30 or 3..

Rafe, Rob & Amy keepin cosy on the bus trip from Sydney

Rob, wondering where all the people are

Rafe keeping his cheeks chilled

Amy in full stealth mode

Streaming Movie
Amy hits the rail

amy rail

Justin’s Thredbo Report

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brief report as I am f*cked. snow was great. 5 cm each nght was enough for
good dry covery mostly (bit icy mon morning is all)..enough fresh mon up top
for freshies off T bars…

other than thaty just good cruisy runs. knee held up which was great. more
tomorrow. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rafe’s Report

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The weekend was pretty good. They lost a lot of base in the last 2 weeks, so Perisher is probably better with it’s higher base altitude, but the top of Thredbo was great all things considered (which I understand is higher then the top of Perisher).

The first run on friday morning was shit – icy and hard, but it softened quick enough to moderatly good conditions. Still fun, just not heaven. It rained on sat night so I thought we were done, but I guess it turned to snow at some point and gave the top a good dusting. It stayed cold and overcast so it didn’t start to get wet until late afternoon so, despite some low visibility, sunday was a blast!

I even got a face full or powder, though I had to actually put my face in it, followed by the rest of my body, then my face again… I think you get the picture… Considering how hot it was I think we got lucky.

Love it!

- Rafe

Decent dumps this week

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After a fairly warm & soggy weekend, this week is looking very good, with constant snowfalls peaking on Saturday. Some winter wisdom from the Frog:


From Snowatch

Monday 12: moderate W-WSW winds, snowshowers above 1600m (2-9cm)
Tuesday 13: moderate WSW-SW winds, light scattered snowshower at times to around 1300m (1-3cm)
Wednesday 14: moderate WSW winds, cloudy in the south but mainly fine day
Thursday 15: moderate NW winds increasing during the day, mainly fine day with cloud increasing and snowfalls developing in the VIC resorts overnight
Friday 16: moderate to strong WNW winds turning SW early, very cold day with widespread snowfalls developing to around 800-900m (12-20cm)
Saturday 17: moderate to strong S-SSW winds, cold day with widespread snowfalls to around 900m, heavy snowfalls likely in the NSW resorts (15-35cm) and slightly less amounts likely in the VIC resorts (10-20cm), snowfalls should ease in the south during the afternoon
Sunday 18: strong SSE winds, cloudy day with some light scattered snowshowers above 1600m in the NSW resorts
Monday 19: moderate to strong SSE winds, mainly fine and sunny day
Tuesday 20: light to moderate SE-ESE winds, mainly fine and sunny day with cloud increasing in the south overnight
Wednesday 21: light E winds, becoming colder with light snowfalls developing during the afternoon/night
Thursday 22: moderate W-SSW winds, snowfalls becoming widespread and heavy at times to around 1200m
Friday 23: moderate W-SW winds, widespread snowfalls continuing to around 1100-1200m
Saturday 24: moderate to strong WNW-WSW winds, scattered snowshowers above 1300m
Sunday 25: moderate to strong WNW-WSW winds, light scattered snowshowers easing

(updated @ 11:00am Monday 12th July)

Long Range Outlook:

Looks like we could have some heavy snowfalls into the coming weekend with NSW likely to get a bit more than the Victorian resorts. The mountains look like they will they will be covered in the fresh white stuff.

Another cold change looks like arriving on the 21st that should see some good snowfalls for a few days.

Further ahead the 30th-1st could bring more snowfalls. Then the 6th-8th and the 11th-14th should see some more snow bearing systems arrive.

…..stay tuned to Snowatch for developments.

- The Frog

Burton 2005 boards – sneak preview

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I really like the 158 design!

UnInc 152 (Jeffy)

UnInc 154 (Solberg)

UnInc 156 (Romain)

UnInc 158 (Gigi)

UnInc 160 (DCP)

Powder Deity

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Ullr – The Man The Myth

Props to Owen Lansbury for this link. As an avid surfer, Owen pointed out that myself & many of the folk on ski.com.au have been saying our prayers to the wrong divine being – Huey is in fact the God of Surf, while this Nordic Idol known as Ullr is the true God of Snow!

According to this story, Ullr was quite promiscious, so keep on scrificing those virigns, just make sure they are sexy ones!

Doms first time

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Thought I’d let you know I travelled up to Mt Bulla yesterday. Absolutely awesome. They had fresh snow fall over night and when we got there it was still snowing. Skies then cleared and it was a brilliant day. My first time on snow fullstop. Boarding was ace. Got an early lesson and I was amazed at how quick it was to pick up. Felt very confident by the days end. And certainly converted.

Now it’s on to the ski shop to buy my own gear!

: )

. .

Domenico Bartolo

Cameras & Postcards

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Camera protection while sking/boarding
An informative thread from ski.com.au about looking after your camera while at the snow (& taking lots of cool action pics for LPL).

Thredbo Postcards
A collection of old postcards from Thredbo over the years – interesting to see how the place has changed.

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