Great cover for the weekend

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Looks like nice clear weather this weekend, followed by some decent falls next week. There are several LPLs heading up, many of which will also catch the HUGE falls predicted for next week – go track it up you lucky buggers!

Next weeks forecast from The Frog – you know the URL!

Saturday 31: light to moderate N winds, fine and sunny cool day
Sunday 1: moderate N-NW winds increasing during the day, cold partly cloudy day with cloud increasing with light snowshowers developing overnight
Monday 2: strong NW winds, cool day with light snowshowers developing above 1500m and increasing overnight to possible blizzard conditions (5-12cm)
Tuesday 3: strong W-SW winds, snowfalls becoming widespread to around 1300m-1400m – blizzard conditions likely (15-25cm)
Wednesday 4: strong W-SW winds, snowfalls to around 1300m (7-15cm)
Thursday 5: strong WSW-SW winds, light scattered snowshowers to around 1400m easing (1-5cm)
Friday 6: moderate SW winds easing, mainly fine with some cloudy periods

MRF Going Off

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I’ve never seen such a great looking MRF! Nice big icy fingers of goodness reaching up from Anarctica to caress the Aussie Alps… The Frog has high hopes for these systems, while many other forecasts remain conservative at this stage… only time will tell.

Blue is gooooood!

Its the terrible twins of meteorology – 2 PHAT cold fronts coming our way!

Dont Hitch-hike in a Blizzard…

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The Black Forest

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A couple of ripper pics from Jimmy “Frozen Fingers” Dodd – more to come soon.

Virgin snow amongst the charred stumps

Deep in charcoal land

Amy’s Perisher Report

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Amy Ryan reporting for the weekend 24-25 July

Saturday’s snow left a lot to be desired.. with near zero visibility and intense winds, there wasn’t much to do at Perisher. All of that badness was easily forgotten at the bar though with the help of some Jager and Red Bulls. If you’re looking for fun on Saturday night near Jindabyne, the bar at Snowy Valley can rarely steer you wrong. This week featured a live funk band.

Sunday was quite a bit better, you could see the runs and there were actually chairs running. Unfortunately, the Jager and Red Bulls weren’t helping at this stage. Tip of the week: The roast turkey sandwich from the carvery at the Blue Cow dining area is a fantastic bargain for $5.80. It looks like I’m headed back up this weekend and then again on August 6&7th, if any of you animals are planning to be up there riding.

Amy, who has no idea what naked pictures Ian is referring to…

Ian’s Perisher Report

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Ian Douglass reporting for the weekend 24-25 July

Yes, I wasn’t totally impressed with this years first snow trip.

Sat – No visibility- all lifts on winhold.
Sunday – much better, but so hung over it was hard to board. I suck!

We never got around to taking any on the snow… The snow wasn’t really worth taking pics of. The weather sucked, then when the snow was good, the wind so hard it blew it all away to ice. Plenty of us getting butt naked in the pool though. I don’t think anyone wants to see that though…


Brett’s Thredbo Report

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Brett Mitchell pictorial report for last weekend – 17th/18th of July.

Streaming Movie
Jim gets friendly with a log in the Black Forest
jim forest

Puking at Berridale, Saturday morning. Very, very rare!

Owen trying to remember his PS2 Tricky manouvers

Clint spoilt for choice

Clint relaxing the ambience of the “Black Forest”

Rainbow sunbeams

Owen & Clint prepare to hop the creek – one slip & you’re a human popsicle!

Derek’s Thredbo Report

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Derek Chan reporting for last weekend – 17th/18th of July.

Last weekend was fantastic, have not had snow that dry here before. tree runs through snowgums were brilliant, and had the pleasure of an untracked stanleys on saturday afternoon (even caused a mini-avalanche there) with full face shots on the first run! big grins all round. Unfortunately some goombah skiers saw us duck the ropes and followed us down – they had no idea what they were in for and basically snow ploughed their way through it, thus taking all the cover off (bastards!). Main trail was pretty average apart from the first few runs, icy bits showing through particularly up the top, so didn’t even venture to the bluff or golf course etc. Only took an hour or two before the section near meadows was getting choppy, the first couple of runs were very smooth for tip and turn carves. trees were the order of the day and they delivered. More rope ducking provided exceptional runs down the secret cat track at the bottom of merrits and the schuss.

If only we’d won the rugby, would have capped the weekend off!

Must be getting old, the traverses kill me and I’m getting a bit shy on airtime this season. did a great face stack and broke my goggles (mental note to self – test the jump out with a straight air first before trying rotations), Tom fully headbutted a tree and is very glad he bought a helmet last season. My bruises are nearly gone but me nose is still sore! Walking into the bank on monday I’m sure everyone thought I was about to rob the joint!

Jindy gets puked on

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Brett was pretty chuffed to see it puking down in Jindabyne last weekend

Snow Tipping Competition

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Get the opinions of the countries top amateur snow forecasting gurus.

The offical 2004 Snow Tipping Competition web site.

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