Animals at Thredbo

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Here’s a few pics courtesy of Amy Ryan, from her first trip to the Aussie Alps, along with fellow Animals Rafe Sacks & Josh Murtack.

Rafe & Josh looked chuffed about the good early-season cover

Empty slopes & still snowing – perfect

Amy & Rafe all goggled up & ready for more action

Mr Wombat pretending to be a rock

Josh was dreading the booze-bus ride home, while Amy was falling over after just one beer…

120cm base

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NSW resorts are claiming a 120cm base, after excellent early season snowfalls. Most Victorian resorts have over a metre of base. What a wicked start to the season!

Friday saw an additional 30cm+ of snowfalls across the resorts, & with many more lifts opening on saturday, it was a great weekend for some uncrowded powder-slicing.

Stay tuned for pics from LPLs who managed to hit the hills on the weekend.

Meanwhile, here’s a link to some pics on

The Tooth Trick Team

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Season 2004 is off to an awesome start with over a metre of snow falling friday/saturday, which was perfect timing for Nathan Stone, Pete Colebach & Michael “Milo” Mellor, who had booked 3 days in the mountains to attend the SNOWYfest International Film Festival.

Unfortunately Tooth didnt win any prizes, but it did get an excellent reaction from both the audience & the organisers of the event.

What the guys did win, however, is BUCKETLOADS of FRESH SNOW! Here’s some pics as a teaser – movies & trip stories will be added soon.

The lads take a well-earned breather

Milo catches some low-light air-time

Nate 1/2 way through a backflip (just wait until you see the video of this one!)

“We aint scared of no ski patrol”

This wasnt the only air provided by Dezzas arse…

Nate chillin with the snowgums

Pushing the boundaries…

Quicksilver snow film festival 04

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If you havent already seen the Snowboarding DVD “Best of the TB Series”, & you can tolerate the larger louts at the Coogee Bay Hotel, then you might be interested in checking out the Quicksilver snow film festival 04

25cm so far, more to come

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Instant winder wonderland… & The Frog is predicting up to 80cm by the end of next weekend… HOORAY!

Thredbo Central Spur, over the last 24 hours.


From Snowatch

Tuesday 15: strong W-WSW winds (gale force at times), snowfalls continuing to around 1200m (10-20cm)
Wednesday 16: moderate to strong WSW winds, light snowshowers continuing above 1200m and clearing during the day (3-8cm)
Thursday 17: moderate WSW winds turning WNW later, cloudy periods with cloud increasing later and showers developing overnight – some snow on the peaks above 1900m possible
Friday 18: strong WNW winds turning WSW as cooler change arrives, showers with snow falling above 1600m during the day and then to lowers levels overnight (10-15cm)
Saturday 19: gale force NW-WSW winds, blizzard conditions with heavy snowfalls across the mountains likley to around 800-900m (15-30cm)
Sunday 20: moderate to strong WSW winds, light snowshowers clearing (2-6cm)snow on the northern tablelands likely
Monday 21: moderate W-SW winds, mainly fine and cool day with some cloudy periods, some light showers at times possible in the south
Tuesday 22: moderate to strong W-WSW winds easing, mainly fine with cloudy periods
Wednesday 23: moderate to strong light E-NE winds, mainly fine and sunny cool day
Thursday 24: moderate to strong moderate NNE winds, mainly fine and sunny day
Friday 25: light to moderate NNE winds, mainly fine and partly cloudy day
Saturday 26: light to moderate N winds, mainly fine and partly cloudy day
Sunday 27: moderate to strong N winds, cloud increasing with showers developing and some snow falling on the peaks overnight
Monday 28: strong NW winds turning SW as a cooler change arrives, showers falling as snow above 1600m during the day and then to lower levels overnight

(updated @ 10:00am Tuesday 15th June)

Snowfalls should continue into Wednesday and then an even colder change will arrive on Friday that should see snow fall across the mountains to very low levels.

Long Range Outlook:

Mainly fine conditions from the 21st-26th should enable skiers and boarders to make the most of the fresh snowfalls. Snowmakers will also be in full swing as the temps should remain cool during this time.

After that keep an eye out for the 28th-1st as another snow bearing system comes across the mountains. Futher ahead the 8th-10th and 19th-21st of July should see some more snow arrive.

…..stay tuned to Snowatch for developments.

- The Frog

Here’s Huey!

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Here we are on the tail end of the Queens Birthday weekend, & its just started dumping!! So thanks very much to all those who’ve been slaughtering virgins – it seems Huey appreciated the effort.

Looking good for up to 55cm over the next 3 days, according to the 6 Day forecast, & then there’s another system kicking in on friday/saturday which looks HUGE. Check out this lovely forecast chart, & feel the low-pressure love!

Here’s a couple of pics from Bluecow today, showing the transition from man-made slush to a whole mountain of fluffy goodness.

Opening weekend

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12th of June to 14th of June.

Queens Birthday weekend – official start of the 2004 ski season.

God save the Powder Queen!

Snow Queen

Man-made mush

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Alas, after some great early-season falls in May, the lead up to opening weekend has been dissapointing, with rain & warm temperatures through the week wiping out most of the natural snow at the resorts. There is talk on the weather forum of a significant snow event after the 20th, so if you have any virgins lying around, sacrifice them now & hopefully Huey will deliver some decent dumpage soon…

Perisher Blue opened front valley today on a thin cover of man-made snow, & there are rumours around that Bluecow will be open over the long weekend.

Report from Perisher Blue
Natural falls and snowmaking over the last couple of weeks have left a fair cover of snow on Front Valley. Ample for skiing from the top of the Village 8 Express down. Come on up and build a snowman or try and make the biggest snowball in the world! The snowguns are still cranking this morning at Perisher, Smiggins and Blue Cow.

People are actually sliding on this, so it cant be that bad!?

Dont Forget “The Tooth” screening at the Snowy Mountains Film Festival next weekend!
Go here for details.

Want a quick, easy to read weather forcast? The Six day Forecast from the Weather Co. is back online for season 2004. I’ve also linked it up on the LPL Blog side panel (on your right). I’m very much looking forward to when it starts showing some numbers greater than the length of my erm… feet… !!

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