Queens Birthday Face-shots

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I was going to do the usual thing, post a few pics & depth readings, but then I saw this video & realised there wasnt much point in rambling on. just watch the vid & you’ll see what I mean!

Thredbo 11th of June 2006 – SCHÜSS PRODUCTIONS

Perisher Blue opened today

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PB opened 2 days before the official season start date today, albeit 1 t-bar in Front Valley being the extent of the lifts! Anything for publicity eh… The NSW resorts are looking quite nice, having retained some natural falls (from last week) & adding plenty of human-made snow in the cold temps since. The Vic resorts are looking quite sad, however.

The forecast is hard to pick for this weekend, as right now the low pressure system seems to have stalled – blizzards are possible on sunday, so we might even see a good dump from this. Beyond that, not much is expected until the last week of June.

Some sliders at Perisher Blue today

Evidence of last weeks 30cms – Perisher Blue

Blackheath, Blue Mtns, last week

Drovers Dream, Falls Creek, looking pretty tragic for opening weekend

Snow Travel Expo

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This could be worth checking out. It’s free entry, & you can win holidays to Canada, Japan and Mount Hotham.
(Sorry Brisso peeps, your date has already passed…)

Brisbane – 28th May 2006 10am – 4pm
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre – Hall 2
Southbank Brisbane

Melbourne – 1st June 2006 4pm – 9pm
Melbourne Park Function Centre – The Park, Skyline and River room
Melbourne and Olympic Parks

Sydney – 4th June 2006 10am – 4pm
Sydney Convention Centre & Exhibition Centre – The Bayside Grand Hall
Darling Harbour

Penguin fart produces 30cm of pre-season snow!

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It looks like mid-winter across the Aussie Alps today! Probably worth going up for a slide, if you dont mind hiking. Here’s a collection of my favourite photos from around the resorts:

Thredbo with it’s frosty blanket on

Perisher Blue – Front Valley with a small cornice!? Amazing…

Falls Creek – 2 boarder dudes take a hike

Falls Creek – A skiier scores some lovely powder near a lodge

Is there such a thing as too much snow?

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Japan experiencing its second heaviest snowfall year on record

From ski.com.au (minus the advertorial…)

The central industrial city of Nagoya recorded 23cm of snow, the most in 58 years, the bullet train was also forced to slow down between Tokyo and the western city of Osaka, and the Niseko area now has a snowbase at the top of the mountain approaching 3 metres.

A recent blizzard claimed the lives of six people in Fukui prefecture, 350km west of Tokyo. The dead were mostly older men who fell from their roofs as they shovelled snow, a prefectural official said.

Nearly two metres of snow piled up in Fukui on Sunday, with the weather agency forecasting another 70cm to fall by Tuesday morning.

Three meteorological stations – two in Hiroshima prefecture and one in Shiga prefecture, both in western Japan – have already marked their record snowfall for this date. The central industrial city of Nagoya recorded 23cm of snow, the most in 58 years, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. At least 48 flights had to be cancelled by the two main carriers, Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways.

Heavy snow causes havoc in Japan, Korea

From smh.com.au

Heavy snow caused havoc in many parts of Japan and South Korea, leaving hundreds of thousands of homes without electricity, disrupting traffic and even forcing nuclear power plants to shut down.

In the northern Japanese prefecture of Niigata, 650,000 homes and businesses were initially left without power due to the snow and strong winds, Tohoku Electric Power Co said. About 270,000 customers still did not have electricity.

“The weather is not improving, so we cannot get to the sites and make repairs,” a Tohoku spokesman said. “It is a difficult situation.”

About 1,000 traffic lights were out in Niigata city, and television footage showed empty streets. Most trains in the prefecture, including the high-speed bullet train linking it with Tokyo, were temporarily halted by the outage.

Two nuclear power plants in the western prefecture of Fukui automatically stopped operating because of technical problems with electric transmission systems caused by the heavy snow, but the reactors were not damaged and there was no radiation leak, their operator, Kansai Electric Power Co, said.

Some of the heaviest snowfalls on record for this time of year have hit Japan since last week, even in some southern prefectures that rarely see snow, but have spared Tokyo. In northern Niigata, snow had piled up as high as 184 cm and the Meteorological Agency expects more snow in the coming days, warning people in affected regions to take precautionary measures.

In South Korea, snow in the southern and south-western areas claimed at least one life, stranded thousands of motorists and damaged hundreds of greenhouses, local media reported. Several thousand South Korean troops have been deployed to clear highways and remove snow from the roofs of structures to prevent their collapse, the reports said. South Korean officials said damage has been estimated at about $US150 million ($A204.67 million).

About 40 cm to 50 cm of snow have fallen in the past day in parts of the region.


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I love it when snow piles up like this on signs… thanks to Deano for the awesome Nozawa Onsen photos.

Cartoon bus stop

Vanishing car

Godzilla takes a dump

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Monster dumps all over Japan on the weekend – here’s a few photos from Snow Japan.





Yellow snow for Japan

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well, not literally yellow… but when these forecast maps show patches of yellow, powder-addicts have been known to pee their pants in excitment…! (note: yellow indicates 150cm of snow in the next 6 days)

Stay tuned for the result of this lovely forecast

The Outpost, Nozawa

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Dean Ervik has spend several winters in Nozawa Onsen (Nagano prefecture, Japan) & this season he has stuck an Aussie flag in the ground, claiming his patch in the village – “The Outpost”.

The Outpost is an internet cafe specialising in Western-Aussie food, & is also a snowboard school with lessons in English. It has a waxing bench, a drying room and a cosy diner to unwind in. Meet other powder hounds and locals while enjoying some of the only AUTHENTIC western food in town.

Of special interest to most LPLs – flash your Aussie passport for 1 Free Vegemite on Toast and a Cuppa Tea! (not transferrable to non-Aussies… they won’t like it anyway!)

More information on the Outdoor Japan site, & The Outpost site.

The Outpost is at the base of the lovely Asahiya Ryokan Hotel, which boasts lovely western & Japanese style rooms plus a lush roof-top onsen.

Banner for The Outpost

The Asahiya Onsen

Asahiya Ryokan Japanese-style room
Asahika room

Juicy MRF!

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Word on the ski.com.au weather forum is that we are in for a big dump this weekend… The Frog’s forecast is actually downgraded today, so it will be interesting to see what his thoughts are as we near the event. Today’s Unisys MRF is certainly looking extremely sweet!

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