Photoshop Skills Required…

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Click here to check out this hilarious thread from

Forum Goon paul V1.333 started a thread a little while ago with the following:

“A friend asked me if I could edit out the foot/ski in this picture. I have tried but my photoshop skills are not so great. I had trouble filling in the area left by the ski with trees. So if you have some skill and would like to give it a try I would appreciate the help. Thanks!”

The goons got one good look at the picture, and went to work.

There are 20 pages of this sillyness – some of my favourites:

Mitche-san’s Japan movie & back-country gallery

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Back-country Guru Mitche-san

Mitche-san is hardcore – this guy will hike for days deep into Aussie back-country, camp in blizzards digging his tent out all night, & then score some of the sickest lines you ever saw…

He also edited together this awesome video of our week at Hakkouda last season – check it out!

Mitche-sans BC Gallery

The Japan 2004 WMV movie – 15mb

[Click to open movie]

The Final Slidedown

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The springtime melt is in full effect, so if you fancy one last slide for 2004, now is the time.

The Frog is tipping a cold change with some snow around the 9th of October (final weekend is 9th-10th), but meanwhile it sounds like the hills are holding up quite well – here’a a couple of recent reports from

Dave S
Reporting for 27/9/2004, Perisher Blue

Been skiing the past 3 days. The cover is still in pretty good shape everywhere except Guthega. I’m still a beginner so the most challenging run I did was Zalis. During the middle of the day it was getting a bit heavy going particularly on the green runs but it was good in the morning and late afternoon. Front Valley and the Blue Cow area is still in very good shape.

Reporting for 26/9/2004, Perisher Blue

Hey all,
snowboarded 25th september, was a magic day with unbeatable weather! Still LOTS of snow around for this time of the year, however Smiggins will close very soon and it was like a waterpark by the mid afternoon. Half pipe and slopestyle course on Front Valley were in superb condition, hit them while you can. All and all it was fantastic for so late in September.

Temperatures soared at Perisher Blue on the weekend…. “Do these goggles match my bikini?”

You Snooze, You Lose!

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Richards Report

Luckily there was plenty of powder everywhere on Sunday, but after seeing this I’m kicking myself for forgetting to set my alarm to 30min earlier…

Waxing Wisdom

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No, we’re not talkin “brazillians” or the Oxford st special, the “back, crack n sack”…

A DIY guide to waxing your plank courtesy of SHQ – How to wax a snowboard

NZ Weather Sites

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With a few LPLs heading for NZ in the next few weeks, here’s some useful sites to distract you from the cute sheep during your trip to land of the long white cloud. Thanks to Nigel for the linkage.

A great collection of weather maps – check out the View Flyby movie, very nice.
A weather & climate service run by Victoria University, Wellington.

Met Service
Even though its a weather info company, there is some free stuff, such as a function that will send you an email when severe weather is forecast for your area… “Mr Shepard, your flock has just been blown away by an extreme wind”…

Snow Tipping Competition

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Get the opinions of the countries top amateur snow forecasting gurus.

The offical 2004 Snow Tipping Competition web site.


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CHULKSMACK – the new video from Mack Dawg Productions

Thanks to Ian Douglass for this – I like how the electro-clash soundtrack works so well with all the slow-mo footage – certainly a refreshing change from the standard testosterone-fuelled punk you get on most of these vids.

Burton 2005 boards – sneak preview

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I really like the 158 design!

UnInc 152 (Jeffy)

UnInc 154 (Solberg)

UnInc 156 (Romain)

UnInc 158 (Gigi)

UnInc 160 (DCP)

Powder Deity

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Ullr – The Man The Myth

Props to Owen Lansbury for this link. As an avid surfer, Owen pointed out that myself & many of the folk on have been saying our prayers to the wrong divine being – Huey is in fact the God of Surf, while this Nordic Idol known as Ullr is the true God of Snow!

According to this story, Ullr was quite promiscious, so keep on scrificing those virigns, just make sure they are sexy ones!

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