Whakapapa Extreme Ski Competition Highlights

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From “Juice TV” (whatever that is).

These Kiwis show no Whaka’n fear as they hurl themselves off cliffs & rocks at Whakapapa.

Kosciuszko park fees petition

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This year, the fee to enter Kosciuszko National Park has risen from $16 to $22 per day. Next year it will cost $27. Yearly passes are also increasing. Why the price hike? Read on…

What is this campaign about? (from www.knpfees.com)

By the time you read this you may already be painfully aware of the new range of fees being charged to enter the Kosciuszko National Park in the Snowy Mountains of NSW.

The fundamental reason for these massive increases in fees, as I see it, is to fund the new water and sewerage infrastructure in Perisher Valley.

The NSW government owns and operates the water and sewerage infrastructure in Perisher Valley and they want to expand it.

Thredbo and Selwyn Snowfields own and operate their own water and sewerage plants and it is NOT paid for by the NSW government but instead by the leaseholders.

I have questioned both the NSW government and the National Parks and Wildlife Service as to why they are making visitors to Thredbo and Selwyn Snowfields pay for the new water and sewerage infrastructure in Perisher Valley when Thredbo and Selwyn Snowfields are already paying for their own.

The most informative reply I have had was from the Parks and Wildlife Division of the Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW) stating that: 80% of fees collected at the Kosciuszko Road tollgates (entrance to Perisher) goes towards paying for Perisher Range infrastructure works and 20% to projects within KNP, while 100% of fees collected at the other entrances to the Kosciuszko National Park go to projects within KNP.

It doesn’t matter how you word these statistics, it still comes down to the simple fact that because visitors entering Kosciuszko National Park, regardless of whichever road they use, pay the same entrance fee, they are ALL fundamentally funding the Perisher Valley water and sewerage infrastructure. Saying that visitors to Thredbo and Selwyn must pay a higher proportion of park projects than visitors to Perisher Range have to pay, it still does not appear to me to be a fair or equitable fee structure.

This is not a user-pays system as far as visitors to Thredbo and Selwyn Snowfields are concerned.

A visitor to Perisher uses the Perisher water and sewerage infrastructure and pays for it through their entry fees.
A visitor to Thredbo who does NOT use the Perisher water and sewerage infrastructure still pays for it through entry fees as well as having to pay for using the Thredbo water and sewerage infrastructure through costs factored into all services within Thredbo.
The same applies for a visitor to Selwyn Snowfields.
In my opinion, this is unjust and inequitable and if the NSW government is to charge all park visitors for paying for the Perisher water and sewerage infrastructure then they should be paying for the water and sewerage infrastructure for all areas within the Kosciuszko National Park. Together with the high cost of fuel, the higher park fees are anti-tourism.

I urge you to sign the petition to at least reduce the fees to Thredbo and Selwyn Snowfields, if not all parts of the Kosciuszko National Park.

Richard Pascoe

If you agree with this, protest against the price hike by signing the petition at www.knpfees.com

For the helmet-haters

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A few season-starting links for your enjoyment.

Better Headgear Through Chemistry
For the helmet-haters: a soft beanie lined with elastic polymers that stiffen upon wipeout

Take better photos (& send them to LPL!) courtest of the New YorkInstiture of Photography
How to Take Great Skiing and Snowboarding Pictures

Some Stunning snow photography, mostly from Japan

The most incredible snowboard drop ever. I have no idea who it is, but they have bigger balls than king kong.
Huuuuuuuuuuuuge drop

LPL of the day – Joshua Czikowski

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Ok, here’s a idea I just had – instead of just bangin’ on about snow & how much we all love it, let’s talk about what snow lovers do when they’re not at the snow!

So todays LPL of the day (insert fan-fare) is Joshua Czikowski, aka “Jamminunit”.

Josh & his partner Emily Chesher run 2 excellent fashion websites:

The online fashion boutique that offers women some of the best of Australian and New Zealand designers delivered direct to their Doors. Featuring Alice McCall, Karen Walker, Camilla & Marc, Azzollini, Mimco, Natasha, White Suede, Sewn, Pani and lots more.

Swapstyle.com is an online fashion swap party where you can swap, sell and buy fashion, accessories, cosmetics, shoes and lots more with people from all around the world at any time, day or night and all without paying a cent.
Imagine browsing through thousands of peoples closets and picking out what you want! Well that’s what allot of women are doing right NOW!

Josh also runs a couple of great blog sites:

jamtv.blogspot.com = “crappy shit I capture with my phone.”

Be sure to checkout his highly amusing fashion piss-take – direct link here.

modecast.blogspot.com – “A podcast I do with a mate that looks at the funny side of technology and how it effects Australians.”

Swapstyle – swap, sell & buy fashion – for free

Aerial alpine photography

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Some great aerial photos of Thredbo in this gallery – Ron Molnar Photography – Kosciuszko National Park.


Powder TV – from Hanzono, Niseko, Japan

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Just like our beloved cheesy Thredbo Video Report (“It’s another great day in Thredbo today!”), Niseko has started their own bi-lingual snow report on snowjapan.com, called Powder TV. You can also watch the report & other videos on the resort’s own website.

Hanazono Niseko resort this year are beginning to provide video reports 6 days a week direct from Niseko.

Each report will be up online around 11am, Monday to Saturday.

Take California

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Hasta la powda, baby! Arnie “The Governator” Schwarzenegger & a bunch of West-coast pro riders appear in this cheesy ad for Californian ski areas. With the corny tag line “If you were snow, where would you want to fall?”, it’s so bad it’s funny :)


Some members of team California:

Glen Plake & his distinctive mohawk

Michelle Parker the queen of rails

Tara Dakides rockin’ out

Jim Rippey rips

Let’s Dorb!

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A few random links i found buried in the data drifts of mt. Cyberspace…

Let’s Dorb! A weird & whacky blog I found via snowjapan.com, by a Gaijin crew boarding & skiing around Japan. The videos have some great wide-angle snow shennanigans blended with snippets from japanese tv shows, & are nicely edited to some groovy tunes. Inspiring stuff – I think we need to lift our game!

A very amusing video about ski resorts in the USA banning snowboarders, way back in 1985.
Extreme Sports: Faster, Riskier, More Outrageous

An important message regarding roadside safety in the snow…
Reporter on a snowy road

Local Knowledge Bloggage

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A few links to keep you thinking those cold thoughts.

There’s nothing quite like a bit of local knowledge when it comes to snow conditions. New for this season, ski.com.au have added a blog section on their snow reports page – I’ve been reading the Thredbo Blog & the Perisher Blog since the start of the season, & the quality of reporting is excellent.

Also, Richard’s Report is well worth a read, & always includes some very informative photos.

No matter what goes wrong on your next ski trip, think yourself lucky you’re not skiing at one of these Ski Resorts From Hell!!

Thredbo in the old days – some lovely photos from 1964.

Yellow Snow Saves Life

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Hilarious story from Ananova.com – Man peed way out of avalanche

A Slovak man trapped in his car under an avalanche freed himself by drinking 60 bottles of beer and urinating on the snow to melt it.

Rescue teams found Richard Kral drunk and staggering along a mountain path four days after his Audi car was buried in the Slovak Tatra mountains.

He told them that after the avalanche, he had opened his car window and tried to dig his way out.

But as he dug with his hands, he realised the snow would fill his car before he managed to break through.

He had 60 half-litre bottles of beer in his car as he was going on holiday, and after cracking one open to think about the problem he realised he could urinate on the snow to melt it, local media reported.

He said: “I was scooping the snow from above me and packing it down below the window, and then I peed on it to melt it. It was hard and now my kidneys and liver hurt. But I’m glad the beer I took on holiday turned out to be useful and I managed to get out of there.”

Parts of Europe have this week been hit by the heaviest snowfalls since 1941, with some places registering more than ten feet of snow in 24 hours.

yellow snow

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